My path has gotten very clear.

I am here to help us remember who we really are. First and foremost, I am a mystic and a lover of deep connection. Seeing people tap into their gifts and abilities is something I have trouble putting into words, but I can tell you that it lights a fire in me that cannot be tamed. 

Father of two magnificent angels and husband to one exceptionally wise and beautiful soul. My path started like many middle-class families with a pretty “normal” upbringing. I played sports, rode my bike, partied with friends, etc.

From my late teens into my early 30’s, depression and anxiety were very prevalent in my life; I had no real idea why; I thought that this is just the way that things were; this is how I was supposed to feel. It was a part of me; it was part of the package. Maybe it was genetic? It wasn’t until I hit rock-bottom that things started to shift. I had to be on the brink of losing everything before I would wake up. My family was falling apart; thoughts of leaving this earth were all too common. But it is what I needed. God/the universe has this amazing way of guiding you through the fire when you just learn to surrender. And after being in the depths of depression and having two very profound spiritual experiences where I can confidently say I experienced God, I finally surrendered. I started doing the work; I began listening to my inner being, and my spiritual journey took off like a rocket. From there, I dove back into meditation, started reading the right materials, stopped watching the news, and began changing some habits that clearly were not serving me any longer. I found hypnotherapy, and I was able to heal my deepest wounds. In return, it launched me into a new career that has been absolutely amazing.  All of that mixed with a transformational month-long retreat in Guatemala, and here I am. What a ride! Yes, there is a lot more to the story, but I will leave that for another time. All I know is that when you decide to do the work and heal, and you start listening to your higher self and really trusting the deeper part of you, your whole reality changes, you tap into the magic, and


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