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You have a gift that is beyond what I believed a human being could encompass. Your healing energy, soothing voice, kind smile, transparency, knowledge, and honesty is one of a kind. You have allowed me once again to trust, show vulnerability, and exude confidence in myself that was so buried deep inside me it’s thought it was gone forever…


Soul brother, all I can really say is that the work you do is pure magic. Halfway into my sessions with you and you have helped me reach parts of my soul that very much needed to be tapped into in order to catalyst my progress. While my power has been within me, without you I don’t know that I would’ve been able to release it from the traumas that shackled it.

Brenda S.

"Thank you" just doesn't seem like enough. I was literally STUCK! So stuck in uncertainty, fear, unhappiness, completely stressed, depressed, and feeling like I had no goals and no idea what my purpose even was. Then ... divine timing connected me with you through Tik-Tok, and my life will forever be positively changed because of you! Thank you for being you and how much you help countless beautiful souls step into their life and potential. Several years ago, I was counseling 2X per week for 2 and a half years, and NEVER were we able to even identify or heal childhood trauma or go to the lever that you did in just 2 sessions!

Tina B.

I've never felt so proud of myself in my life! It's something I haven't had a 2nd thought on. You know it's right when you don't question your choices!!!! Hates to say I knew that, but I did. I will always hold you in my heart. You have done more than you and I even know. I say that because I'll do something and look back and think, wow, I would have never done this without the work I did with Joey!


OOOOH my gosh. After our session, I didn't want to smoke at all, couldn't drink my coffee this morning, and now I am pushing through my first workout in months. I even looked in the mirror this morning and saw that I AM beautiful. Man, I'm so pumped.


Jenna M.

What an experience this has been so far! My teenage daughter has been suffering with depression for several years. After many years of concealing and prescription medications, I have never seen so much change in her spirit as did after a few sessions with Joey. Joey showed us the power of Hypnotherapy and the incredible effectiveness it can have on someone. He is very professional! And made sure my daughter felt she could trust him by keeping everything confidential. It's clear that Joey is passionate about what he does, and I can't express how grateful I am that we reached out and trusted him.

L. D.

After our sessions, I usually have time of reflection. I see myself sort of as a toddler learning how to walk again. I'm gonna fall down, but I'm gonna get back up. And every time I do, I will be stronger and more powerful, connected to the life force I have discovered that has always been there in me. You were meant to be my guide, the incredible light and love energy that literally exudes from you makes you such an incredible healer. My soul is grateful for you.

Krista L.

I have been simply amazed by your ability to quiet my many thoughts. Our sessions have allowed me to safely explore my memories and FEEL  them again so deeply. You have guided me to healing, and with that, I've been able to let go and move forward in freedom. Your encouragement has been pivotal. I am now excited about my life and my journey! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for helping me. I am so grateful for you.


When I tell you you are magic, I hope you wholeheartedly believe it. Thanks to working with you I have been able to tap into why I've always been so afraid to embrace and dive into my spiritual gifts (along with my irrational fear of tall seaweed), and to remember to take back my power because validation doesn't come from outside sources. Working with you has allowed me to clearly see the messages being given to me by the universe. Not only had I been dimming my light to make others comfortable in this lifetime, but I had also spent other lifetimes ignoring my soul's calling. You have helped me fully own my magic; you have helped me clear trauma that was hindering my progress and have reminded me to release all expectations of how everything is supposed to work. After some tears and laughter, I'm owning my gifts. I've started doing things that truly make me happy and best of all, I'm shining again. I will never be able to express my full gratitude through words, but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Without you, I wouldn't be here right now. Love you, soul brother!

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